A game of blood and violence, the combination of fun and a slightly macabre feeling. Happy Wheels 2 is a game where you choose extravagant vehicles, from a bicycle to a wheelchair (a cool Segway is on the list too) and send the through a chaotic track where the clumsy driver will try to desperately escape mutilation, decapitation and death, you can also eject the character from the vehicle.

Happy Wheels 2, a Game of Creepy FunTo add the funny twist at the creepy fact that the character can get repeatedly shot, stabbed or decapitated, this browser-based game was animated using ragdoll physics to make a little enjoyable the death part of the game, the multiple ways your character can die and its sequences sometimes reach the absurd and that’s what makes it fun. Very clever from the developers.

Another good feature of the game is you can create your custom level with the level editor and you also can upload your map to make it accessible for everyone, actually every day there are tons of custom levels uploaded by users. The general reception of the game is very good and since its appearance in 2010 is very popular.

The full version of the game is only in the Jim Bonacci’s website, the other sites just offer demo versions and do not have all the features like vehicles or characters, so it would be an incomplete experience.

If you want to carry the fun with you since 2015 you can download the game for iOS, with the same essence of the browser game and the same fun.

To play the game, just enter the site, le the game load, click “play” and choose the map you want to play and that’s it, if you want to build a custom level, click on the “level editor”. You win the game level when you sort all the deadly obstacles and reach the finish line or a token, it depends on the map you choose. You also have the option of playing again the levels you already passed.


· Movement: ↑ accelerate, → lean forward, ← lean back, ↓ decelerate.

· Space for primary action.

· Z key to eject the character from the vehicle.

· CTRL and SHIFT for secondary action.

Survive the wild tracks with the rare vehicle of your choice, and try not to lose your limbs, your head or your life when you play this addicting game that can keep you glued to it for hours. Check the unblocked version of the game as well, you will love it.

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